Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Compress Your Website into a Template

How do you intend to create a garden? I am not asking if your passion is gardening or not. I am simply saying if you are supposed to create a garden from point zero, what would you do? There is always a beginning and you have to start from somewhere. A little session gets started when you do the things which are required. A garden has flower settings, herbs settings and a big open area as well. A lot of planning goes into it and thereafter comes a fully fledged beautiful garden.

An online template is quite similar to that. You create something from the beginning but whatever you create is not quite big. It is a part of what you want to create but you have to start from somewhere to reach the destination. Template is that starting. One difference that stands out in this is the fact that template is the shorter version of the website. As in the example of garden, it is not about creating a single session; the work here is more in the sense that template has to contain all the important information and not just stand as an online attractive thing.

The doers of these quite sensible templates are known as creative web designers and the little functionality required in these things are completed by skilled web developers. A little of their complete hard work in creating a website goes into creating a joomla template design. It requires the similar things but in the little proportions. A perfection and more than that a passion is required to do it all. Passion cannot be handled by everyone. It needs the constant dedication and we have it. We, as EXL Interactive, can say that we started our passion by creating a company and we have proved it to some extent by going ahead with it successfully for the last two years.

We say that there are chances that you suggest the best of things possible for your template but you have to agree that there is something called expertise. You may gather the best of possible things for your online presence but at times every best thing can´t be put there. There are different types like magento templates, joomla templates and lots others. There has to be a mix and match of everything and only after that do you create a best template. That template does not contain everything best but it is still best of the best. We can do that for you. We cannot make you believe it until and unless your try us. We love your trials because it proves our mettle.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

SEO Oriented Web Designing

Web designing in the conventional terms can be defined as getting lost in the overwhelming world of creativity. I mentioned the term ´conventional´ deliberately because it is truly conventional and does not pace well with the contemporary times. In today´s era, one has to compulsorily apply his mental abilities in anything one does. There is no point in saying you can survive with your creativity. The latter is good till the time you take pleasure in it. The moment you think about earning your lives, you have to co-ordinate your creative abilities with the mental abilities. Only then do you stand somewhere in this fast paced competitive world.

The task of a web designing firm is not to just create an attractive website. The concern of the client goes far beyond that. He wants a website which can pull people globally to their specific website. Pulling people is not the concept included in the web designing. Even if it is not a part of the web designers´ fraternity, they have to take this into consideration if they want their clients´ website to be launched live on net.

Think about it in your own terms...what is the use of an appealing website if it cannot drive traffic towards it? This is the main reason that SEO team and the web designers have to work in co-ordination with each other at any cost. There are some three particular points to be taken into consideration while you do your web designing tasks in a Website Design Company

Invest in first fold of webpage

This is the first thing any visitor sees. Invest most of your creativity in this part and let the people show what services you offer. This is your golden opportunity and you must hit it right. Please say big No to large logos and graphics on this first fold.

No to flash introductions

Flash denies you to get the advantage of the keyword rich content which decides your rank in various search engines. It is running your reputation your precious relationships with the customers if you are using flash introductions which interest no one. Slow loading of the page is the main source of the lessening customer ratio in your business. Be a smart businessman and let it not happen to you.

Least images and more content

The most important point in this is that search engines do not see images. Although there are alt tags, but it is preferable to use text rather than text images. When you can get it all right with the help of text, why even there is a need to use the text images get it done with the text as much as possible. It´s in your benefit only.

Make the SEO Services India in right balance with the web designing tasks. This is the only way to progress.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why to go for Web Designing Company over Freelancing?

Web design in its young age has transformed quite a lot leading to hundreds of technology creeping in this field making it better and better. In its early years, there was a lot of work it demanded from the web designers and developers. HTML was the dominating force at that time. Now, HTML has lost its grip with other encroachments like Flash, Ajax, Flex and more. Many more technologies are coming in this arena thus leading to more and more interest of people in this field.

Today, when someone starts a business, they don´t aim at one or more state; instead they aim at the global audience. International calls do not make a difference to them, what makes a difference is the expansion of business with more and more projects coming in. We are getting bigger with more and more websites getting themselves launches. In the jungle of such vast size, it is very difficult to compete and we have to compete if we want to live in this world and not just survive.

What all is possible with the presence of your website on the web? You can target affiliate marketing, online trading or e-commerce platform. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages but one has to risk stepping forward. One major disadvantage is that you lack face to face communication while promoting your business online. Therefore, there are chances that the other person will perceive your statements in the different manner which might affect your business the other way altogether. Here comes the role of a Website Design Company who will cater to your needs of CMS (Content Management System) and other designing requirements.

How do the freelancers differ from the Web Design Company India is one sensible question that can be asked. The answer is that the former are money oriented and therefore will cater to your specific requirements not taking into consideration their works´ after effects. On the other hand, the latter think about the long term. They have their reputation to maintain in order to get more projects. Therefore, they will take care that whatever they make help them getting more projects. They will also take into consideration the SEO Services can be done effectively in the later stages. In addition to that, one can always depend on them because it is accompany and surely would not run away after taking your money. The authentication factor is always present in the later option. Therefore, it is advisable to go for that.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Help You Expand Your Business

This article is a must read for all the small and medium sized organisations. I am talking about the ones who want to expand but are somehow fearful about it. This article is here to say to you that success lies behind the curtain of fear. Put the curtain aside and try to find the sunlight, you will find it shining brightly upon you. Find it or if you don't find it, we are here to help you achieve it in the metaphorical sense, if not in the literal sense. Mind it; the metaphorical part is much important in today's times.

The most important thing today to make it big in the business world is to get it right "on-line". I mean one should get the things right both on the telephone as well as online (on the Internet). The success of the former depends upon your communication skills and convincing powers. The success of the latter requirement lies with an experienced Web Design Company.

We are the ones I am talking about. We are not the ones who talk more and do less. We are instead the opposite ones...our work speak for us. We have no time to speak since we are too busy working for different projects.

A website is the best way today to reach the global audiences. People from different countries stay in touch and are aware of the others happening with the help of lord Google. Yes, Google has attained the status of a lord today because it is our all time favourite dictionary. Now people don't have enough time to meet the other person for their requirements.

Even when people are sitting in the office before the number cruncher and sorting out the office problems, they have hundred other problems in their mind which needs to be solved. For such a world, there was a dire need of a thinking machine which is capable of making the people stay connected. A computer is one such machine by which you can make your products promote worldwide.

All the above desires I have provoked in you can be successfully fulfilled by Web Designing Company which is capable of designing your website the right way and making it SEO friendly as well. Once the design has been made, there is a need for the Web Development India to make it a functional and easily navigable website.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Basics of Designing and Development

There are hundreds of companies promising you to make your website appear on first few pages. There are others which promise you to give an appealing website. There is no dearth of such companies but what is lacking is the display of results.

When you read about companies, you cannot judge whether they will be able to provide you with results or not. The appealing content of the website may promise to give you your required results but there is no guarantee involved in that. Today, products and services with no guarantees whatsoever are always found lying at the corner of market.

The lay man is never aware of what a Web Design Company is. It is very crucial while you offer your knowledge to others that you speak in the receiver's language. Otherwise, the recipient won't understand anything. Therefore, when you are talking to an ordinary man, take care that you speak in lay man's language. Your words should get imprinted in their minds.......Read More

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Allow us to prove our designing skills

An appealing website appearing on the first page of Google or Yahoo is like a beautiful home with the best of interiors on the ideal location in the city. By the phrase Ideal location, I mean a place where all the necessities are available in a particular range and you need worry about different petty domestic problems.

Although this sounds a bit too far from the reality but these things and such houses does exist in today’s times. With the increasing hard work of people and following increased incomes, people do want to live their short lives in a luxurious style. Gone are the times when people were bothered about healthy lifestyle. These days, one must have bungalow to live, several cars to roam around and variety of foods to eat it is not about health these days, it is about wealth and status.

The heavy inflow of wealth is only possible when you spend wisely or you can say if you spend less. Less spending involves smart thinking thereby completing the necessary expenses. Smart thinking is obviously in terms of domestic and business expenses. In a patriarchal society like ours, it is very common and a habit to see men going outside home for work and women taking charge of the homely things. Both are the leaders, but in different fields...............Read More

Monday, January 3, 2011

Say no to freelance for web designing

It is human tendency to put hands on the reasonable services first rather than the expensive ones. It is good to value money but one should see all the Ps and Qs before selecting the cheaper services. In the world of web, you can have two choices once you type, ‘Website Design Company’. You can have the flock of freelancers or you can choose to have the professional website design company.

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of both the options and then decide which one should be prioritised. Freelancing is good to the extent that it is reasonable for the small sized and middle sized businesses. When someone starts a business, one major thing that occupies their mind is the fact that they should get promotional activities done at the most reasonable rates. Online promotion is something they put their hands on and if they are able to get it at their desirable rates, it is best for them. This is the only yet major point in which they are counted higher than a professional website design company.

If we turn the coin to the other side, we may find the enormous benefits of hiring a Website Design Company India. The web design company will be professional enough to deal with all your problems in an efficient manner. They have enough man power to deal with the variety of problems. A single person is never efficient to deal with everything. He will have to deal with other persons as well to keep him updated with the latest designs and equipment. This situation is aptly found in the corporate atmosphere where each person can discuss the problem with another person if there is a need.............Read More